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Perhaps everyone knows how the process of sleeping is important for our health. During this time our bodies and organisms are restored. Sleeping disorders increase the risk of getting some serious diseases and health disorders as the immune system becomes weak and do not give enough protection. Without enough sleeping you will also get a chronic tiredness which will make you less productive at work and any social activity.

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Who Should Take and Buy Ambien

Pharmaceutical industry has created many effective medicines that help to calm down and fall asleep quickly. Some of them are rather soft; they consist only of natural elements and can be bought without a prescription. Others are much stronger and are prescribed in some more complicated cases. Such medicines have a number of side effects and may cause harmful reactions. Nowadays doctors prescribe Ambien as one of the most effective from this class. Yet, you may always visit online drug stores and buy all that you need without showing a prescription.

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How it Works

The main active element of Ambien is Zolpidem which is a hypnotic element. It helps to normalize the level of special neurotransmitters in the brains that are responsible for the process of falling and staying asleep.

The pills consist of two layers. The first layer is dissolved immediately after taking and is responsible for the moment of falling asleep. The second layer works during the next 7-8 hours and helps you to avoid early awakening.

Rules of Treatment

Self-treatment is extremely dangerous. Overdosing may cause severe side effects and allergic reactions. Only the professional may decide if the cure is appropriate for you and in what dosages. Show your full medical history and go through all necessary health tests with your personal doctor.

Talking about habit forming, Ambien belongs to the class 4 of the CSA Schedule. It means that long terms of usage and even slight overdosing may cause the habit. It will make it very difficult to stop taking the drug, as the symptoms of insomnia will become even worth after that and you will be totally unable to fall asleep without Zolpidem.

It is not known exactly how Ambien influences a fetus and a child during the periods of pregnancy and breast feeding, yet it is always a risk. One should always inform the doctor if staying in one of these states.

It is recommended to take a pill without chewing and with some amount of water. Do not take a pill if you are not going to sleep at least 7 hours, otherwise you will be unable to wake up or you will feel extremely sleepy.

Side Effects and Symptoms of Allergic Reaction

Allergic reaction is always caused by overdosing and personal patient`s intolerance to some of the elements. It is always followed by the following symptoms: problems with breathing, hives, swelling of face, throat and tongue. At the slightest signs of any of these symptoms you should call for an immediate emergency help, otherwise you are risking getting some serious health disorders and even a fatal ending may occur.

To the less common, yet most severe side effects belong: stoppings and problems with breathing, wrong heartbeat, chest pain, passing out. These side effects require stopping of the treatment and medical examination.

There are also more common and less dangerous side effects that are usually gone through some period of time: light-headedness and weakness, muscle pain and spasms, headache, nausea, dry mouth and stuffy nose.

Before You Start

Bring you full medical history to your personal doctor so that he could decide if Ambien is allowed to be taken in your case. And if you decide to start self-treatment without doctor`s help and buy the drug at an online store, you are to be sure that your history does not contain the following:

  • disorders of kidney and liver;
  • stopping of breathing at night;
  • history of suicidal thoughts and depressive mood;
  • alcohol or any type of drug addiction.

It is known that the effect of Ambien works more effectively with women and old patients. Remember, Ambien is strictly prohibited for those who are under 18 years old.

After sleeping with Ambien you might get some problems with reaction and coordination in a net few hours. You should avoid driving and any other activity requiring them.

How to Store

First of all you should be sure that the place is hidden enough and children will not be able to find and eat the pills. It is not recommended to store the pills in the subzero temperature, the regime has to be mild and with low level of moisture. Wrong conditions of storing may cause spoiling of the drug and make it useless and become a poison.

Forms and Shapes

Ambien is produced in the form of the pills for oral intake. There are orange and white pills with 5 and 10mg of Zolpidem in each. Original pills also have an imprint on both of the sides.

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